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    Besides offering quality web services and domain registration, we deliver customer care, support and assistance as no other company on Hungarian market.

    We provide PERSONAL, accurate, fast, friendly and easy to understand answers to all your questions. All your requests will be answered timely and accurately, you will never hear back from us phrases us as “Your ticket will be forwarded to our expert in 24 hours”.

    All your issues will be resolved with a professional and timely support.

    For your assistance you might consider viewing these pages:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here you can find answers on most common questions.
    Check this page before contacting us!

    Glossary of Internet Terms
    Definitions of web hosting and related web terms.

    Contact Information
    Contact us with requests.

    Control Panel
    Overview of the control power you will get with your web hosting plan.

    Acceptable Use Policy
    What rules and policies our customers need to follow.

    Privacy & Security Guaranty
    Your privacy is important to us!
    We want you to feel comfortable using WebTelep services.

    Web Hosting Plans

    We provide reliable website hosting with 100% uptime, unlimited traffic, based on powerful hardware and SSD drives, state of the art control panel and more! Choose the right size for your website needs!

    WordPress Web Hosting

    Our Managed WordPress Hosting solutions helps you build, secure and grow your WordPress site. We aim for Faster Speed, Tougher Security and Maximized Productivity. In case you have a problem - we are here to assist.