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WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress now powers more than 40 percent of the entire internet being
the most popular Content Management System these days for many good reasons.
It easy to build and manage your website for personal, business, or e-commerce market view.
With our plans, you’ll get access to powerful tools to ensure your site is in good hands and performs properly.

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Fast SSD web storage
WordPress Memory
e-Mail Addresses
1-Hour Quick Setup
Premium Support
SSL Certificate
Visitor Stats
PHP 7 ready
Bandwidth per month
Custom SSL
Visits per month
Optimal Performance
Website Transfer

All hosting packages are optimized for WordPress


Great potential for high ranking

Receive high marks on website speed performance analytics tools such as GTMetrix or Webpagetest or Google

Servers are optimized for performance

All necessary tools and extensions are installed on your web space to ensure speed: PHP7, mod_rewrite, mode_deflate and much more!

Scalable service plans

All Plans are packed with features and capable of hosting multiple sub-domains and testing environment. Fast, professional support, free setup and premium hardware to make sure your websites performing the best.

eCommerce and web shops

The introduction of WooCommerce has made adding eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website easier than ever. Woocommerce gives the ability to accept payments online, as well as manage stock and sell virtual or physical products and services.

SSL Certificate included

Much needed security addition to your website to receive a SEO boost and ensure the best possible visitor experience.

Free Migration

Wherever you’re moving from, we provide easy-to-use tools and full assistance to move your site over to WebTelep

Hosting Details

Free Setup
Administration interface
FTP access
Customer Support
MySQL databases, UNLIMITED
Location EU
Virus scanner
PHP versions support
Cron jobs
User statistics manager
Spam Filters
Backup function
CGI support
DDoS protection
Individual reverse DNS (=PTR) entry
IonCube Loader
Leech protection
Log manager
RAID (mirroring)
Zend Engine
File Manager
Upstream460 Gbit/s

Web hosting configuration


Fast Reliable SSD Drives

Hosting equipped with accelerated SSD, the I/O performance (IOPS and bandwidth) of your site increases noticeably. Databases and applications which require a good I/O performance are working significantly faster.

High Speed Web Servers

Linux based web hosting solutions on the most reliable servers, with well tested software packages, experienced administrators and qualified customer service!
With WebTelep, worrying about the traffic consumption of your website is a thing of the past: each package has unlimited traffic.

Plesk Hosting Control

Packages include premium & powerful Plesk Control Panel to provide a complete control of your site, giving you ability to perform both simple and complex tasks within your domain(s).

PHP Selector

Multi-PHP solution for selecting different PHP versions on a per-domain basis. New version of PHP allows your site to load and respond MUCH FASTER than previous versions; PHP 7 can serve up to 3 times as many requests per second and handle more traffic with the same number of resources.

Subdomains and Add-On Domains

Subdomains allow you to create a separate website area or an entirely new website. All while still using your main domain name. Now, you can choose to assign an add-on domain to a specific website. Or you can simply park it if you currently don’t want the domain to point to any website.

Backup and Security Tools

Several tool are available for a quick system check, backup and restore. All hosting plans are equipped with SSL certificates as well. DDoS protection included, free of charge.

Hosting market knowledge

WebTelep Web Hosting Budapest provides PREMIUM, fast, high quality, modern web hosting and domain registration services in Hungary using the worlds top bandwidth providers.

FREE SSL Certificate

We provide a free SSL certificate to protect your site with HTTPS — encrypting traffic and instantly boosting SEO with Google as well as protect your web shop or e-commerce platform.